Local Hashing

If once a week is not enough for you, you could always try the Monday night Cantabrigensis H3, the UK's first university hash. These brainy sods have now revised their website which is well worth a visit.

Townies and students alike run at 7pm every week from the The Castle Inn pub (Click for map). This hash was started by Terry 'Bunter' Kavanagh, the Radegund landlord (now desceased).

Cantabrigensis runs are usually free, but there may be an entry fee for special events held from time to time.

Even More Local Hashing

If Monday comes too soon after Sunday, you could join the 'Wrestlers Hash'. They run at 7pm on the 3rd Thursday in each month. You can find them here

The '1st Thirstday Hash' runs on the 1st Thursday in each month at 7pm. Here is their Facebook page


Feeling guilty about spending too much time hashing? Try spending some time bashing, that is to say hashing on bikes. CRABs, the Cambridge Randomly Active Bash, is er.. randomly active, but there is usually one or two bashes a month. More information and details of their cumming runs can be found at CRAB's Website

For all bashes, a suitably robust bike is required.

Other Local Hashes and Useless Links

If you are in the area, here are some pointers to run lists for other local hashes:

Visit the Mojacar HHH pages for details of the annual sunshine hash in Southern Spain.

If you've had the pleasure of Hashing in Indonesia then you must check out the IndoNostalgia HHH website and join them on their next run.

The Milton Brewery, can't be bothered to run in order to work up a thirst? Take a virtual tour of our local brewery instead, guaranteed to get you in the mood for a pint or two.

What's on in Cambridge, a local website giving details of all sorts of stuff, cinemas, pubs, theatres, pubs, events, pubs but no reference to hashing!